Frequently Asked Questions

AwkngTV Player is a proficient media player that swiftly loads your media playlist, ensuring seamless playback of your preferred channels.

Designed for Android smart TVs, Android sticks, smartphones, and tablets, AwkngTV Player ensures a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.

AwkngTVPlay application does not come with pre-loaded channels, and we do not provide information on where to acquire channels or channel packages. Moreover, the developers of AwkngTVPlay are not accountable for the content users upload to the application.
AwkngTVPlay is compatible with various list formats, including the widely recognized m3u lists, xtream legacy API, among others. Should your list format not be supported, please reach out to us. Our development team is eager to assist by integrating additional support for your list type. If you're facing difficulties with adding an m3u list through a URL, consider downloading the list and uploading it directly as a file.
Yes, AwkngTV offers a 24-hour trial period where you can access all its features and capabilities on your preferred device.
AwkngTV supports nearly every video format, allowing for universal playback across all devices without the need for file conversions or transcoding.
Download the app, log in with your subscription details, and enjoy the AwkngTVPlay experience. Note that AwkngTV does not sell content or subscriptions; it's a media player for your own content.
AwkngTV prioritizes data security with top-tier measures to ensure your information is safeguarded.
Create an account at Following registration, you'll receive a 7-day free trial. After the trial, you can continue using our service by selecting one of the available packages.